The SEO Copywriting Course
The SEO Copywriting Course
The SEO Copywriting Course

The SEO Copywriting Course

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Course Overview: SEO Copywriting Course

The art and science of getting on page one of Google

SEO copywriting is the art of writing words for online mediums – social media, websites, blogs and more.  The words we write for web pages and social sites have a massive impact on how Google ranks those sites. Learn how to help a site get on page one of Google and you can name your price.  

Influencers are masters of social but if you can write copy for SEO and apply those same principles to your social copy, you’ll see your engagement soar (and your income along with it!)

This practical, easy to understand course gives you the confidence to write SEO copy for your own business as well as write SEO copy for other clients and make exceptional money doing so.

You’ll learn how to:

  • write copy for the top 10 on-page and off-page SEO factors that Google recognises
  • use social to maximise your SEO rankings (for your own business and your clients’ business)
  • write copy for customer personas, customer journey maps and customer intent
  • conduct successful keyword research campaigns and attract quality external links 
  • leverage keywords to bring quality traffic to your site
  • integrate SEO into yours social and blog content to maximise ranking
  • write for Google and the consumer so you can be persuasive as well as rank well
  • write compelling meta tags (title tags and description tags) to increase engagement and click throughs
  • use long tail and short tail keywords to leap frog the websites with better ranking than yours
  • make money from SEO copywriting and position yourself as an SEO copywriter to create a unique point of difference.

Module 1: An introduction to SEO copywriting

Take your influencer skill set to the next level, get savvy about how websites and social sites get ranked and ensure your skills remain up to date and relevant. You’ll discover the basics of SEO and how Google (really) works, how to write copy that converts traffic into conversions, how to stop people ‘bouncing’ off your website, how to snare competitive traffic and drive it to your site, improve your online presence using keywords and position yourself as a paid SEO copywriter and influencer.

Module 2: Structuring and writing effective SEO content

Discover how to write SEO’d headlines, subheads, body copy, meta-tags, bullet points and hyperlinks, where to use them for maximum impact and how to use them in your social content. You’ll discover how to use opening sentences, power words and trigger phrases that hook the reader, and discover the cool techniques that drive action and fill the sales funnel e.g. enquiries, sales, downloads, sign ups. You’ll also learn how to use SEO in statistics, opening statements, video, graphics and other tools to drive conversion and convey your message convincingly.

Module 3: Keyword research and planning

Learn the inside secrets of how to conduct informed keyword research to identify topics and priorities of interest to your customers.  Discover the different types of keywords and how to test them, how to set goals, research and develop audience personas to accurately refine your campaigns and how to construct landing pages and optimise for SEO. You’ll learn the differences between short tail and long tail keywords and how to create a keyword strategy to leap frogs the bigger sites and get on page one of Google.

Module 4: SEO copywriting ‘tools of the trade’

Discover the range of free 3rd party keyword planning tools available, learn the pros and cons of each and how to use them effectively and discover how to automate your SEO copywriting process.   Understand what ‘quality linking’ is, what makes a good link, how to acquire a quality link and why you want them. You’ll also get the low-down on helpful tools that help you become a great SEO copywriter including Google Analytics and other best practice tools and tricks

Module 5: SEO blogging and content marketing

Put it all together and discover how copywriting, content marketing, SEO, social and web copy combine to create maximum impact. You’ll discover what content marketing is and how is it connected to SEO, the power of blogs and how to SEO those blogs, how (and why) to update your site with fresh SEO content and how to blog strategically, and write copious amounts of SEO content quickly (without lifting a finger). You’ll learn how to re-purpose your SEO content (without getting ‘pinged’ by Google!), how to create SEO content for social media and use storytelling templates to convey meaningful stories that connect.

Bonus Module 6: How to make money from SEO copywriting

What’s the point of knowing how to write SEO copy if you can’t find SEO copywriting clients?  In this module, you’ll learn how to promote and market your SEO copywriting services effectively, you’ll get the scripts the professionals use to convert copywriting clients into SEO copywriting clients and discover what to charge, how to charge and how to turn one-off jobs into long-term contracts.

Who will deliver the course?

The tutor for this course is Bernadette Schwerdt. She has trained some of Australia’s most successful freelance copywriters and knows exactly what it takes to run and sustain a copywriting business. She brings to the table over 25 years of freelancing experience, decades working as a copywriter (she doesn’t just teach copywriting, she writes copy too so she knows exactly what traps to watch out for) and is a highly successful online entrepreneur who will show you how to leverage online tools and strategies to create a low-cost, high impact copywriting business that will show you how to generate a steady stream of clients with minimal effort.


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