The Learn How to Write Course
The Learn How to Write Course
The Learn How to Write Course

The Learn How to Write Course

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Course Overview: Learn How To Write Copy Course

Become a highly paid copywriter and make more money as an Influencer

Copywriting is the art of writing words that sell, and the people who write the words are copywriters. We’re surrounded by copywriting, but most of the time we just don’t know it.  

If you’re an influencer, you’re already writing copy so why not learn the tricks of the trade and discover how to write better copy, get a better result for your clients write more quickly and make more money! What’s not to like?

Social content, TV commercials, websites, blogs, billboards, brochures, packaging, signage – it’s all copy, it all sells something and someone has to write it – why not you? 

Besides, why just stick to writing sponsored content when you can reposition yourself as a professional copywriter?  Copywriters get paid more than any other writing professional (except maybe if you’re Stephen King or J.K Rowling) so take a few moments to learn the art and craft of copywriting and you can double, even triple, what you’re earning now.

This is the career opportunity you’ve been looking for. And yes, you can get started as a professional copywriter without any experience. This 5-part course will teach you how.

You’ll learn how to:

  • write great copy for any product any service using a simple 7-step process that guarantees success every time
  • write social content that engages readers, compels them to take action and cuts through the clutter so you can get a better result for your clients
  • build your confidence as a copywriter and charge top dollar for the work you create 
  • write headlines quickly and easily using tried and tested formulas and templates that stand out from the crowd and get noticed
  • use a simple Creative Briefing process that will cut hours off your writing time, and eliminate costly conflict and misunderstandings with clients
  • use sophisticated research techniques to become an instant expert on any topic so you can start writing straight away without wasting time
  • write social content, EDMs (electronic direct mailers), web copy and brochures using a fast-track writing process that takes your writing from average to outstanding in just 13 minutes flat! (we guarantee it) 
  • write compelling, persuasive long-form content (blogs, articles, FAQs, ebooks) without even typing a word or picking up a pen! (If you can’t write, or don’t have time to, but really, really need to, this technique alone will be worth the cost of the course. 
  • position yourself as a professional copywriter, present copy to clients with confidence and expand your skillset so you can increase your income without extra effort.)

Learn How To Write Copy Course:

Module #1:  The Master Plan: The 7 steps to writing great copy.

Whether you’re writing for Facebook, Insta, Twitter, websites, blogs, brochures or billboards, this module is the foundation on which all the others rest. Based on extensive research, there are seven essential elements that underpin all great pieces of copy and this module outlines each one in detail.  Follow this step by step guide to writing great copy and you’ll have a process you can use for every client, every product and every medium. You can start writing great copy straight away even if you’re never written copy before. Goodbye writers block! Hello confidence!

Module # 2:  Copy Formulas That Work: How to write headlines that sell.

If you want to be a copywriter, it’s vital that you master the art of writing headlines. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use existing formulas that professional copywriters use every day? Don’t waste time trying to come up with a creative headline when you can use formulas that work.  These formulas can (and should) be used for any form of content - Facebook posts, YouTube video titles, Insta story headlines, blogs. These formulas generate better results and they’re easy to use – you’ll be writing headlines in just 3 minutes! We guarantee it.

Module #3: The Creative Brief: How to use the Creative Brief, why, and what happens if you don’t.

The Creative Brief is the backbone behind every piece of copy and it’s vital you nail this as it will shape everything you write. Discover the top 21 questions you must ask before every job and you’ll not only get better answers from your client, you’ll eliminate misunderstandings, avoid conflict, get the job done more quickly and get paid more quickly. If you want to present as a professional copywriter, you need to use this Creative Brief. Clients will love it, and so will you.

Module #4: Writing for the Web: How to write digital copy for the web, social and SEO 

For most professional influencers (and copywriters), writing digital copy is the basis of their business and as such, you need to write to get a result.  Discover how to write for digital, why it’s different to other mediums, how to SEO your copy for Google (and the consumer), get on page one of Google, write effective meta tags for Titles, Descriptions and Keywords, and massively increase your click throughs, downloads, views and shares.  

Module #5: Long Copy: The art of writing copy for EDMs (electronic direct mail), newsletters, sales letters, and brochures. 

Google loves long copy now, especially ‘storytelling’ style copy, so it pays to learn how to write it.  Based on everything you’ve learnt in the previous four modules, you’ll now take a deep dive into the nitty gritty world of writing EDMs, newsletters, sales letters, brochures and other forms of ‘long copy’ that needs to tell a story and have the reader hanging off your every word.  Discover how to get instant engagement by opening with questions, impact statements and challenges to create instant engagement and keep the consumer reading using transitions, grabbers, terms and offers, clinchers and other tools. Take your writing from average to outstanding, get instant engagement from your reader and write copy that empowers you charge top dollar for your work.

Bonus Module #6: Get Paid What You’re Worth: How to make money from copywriting 

Why do some influencers make more money than others? Not because they’re better writers or have more followers. It’s because they’re better at marketing their services.  If you’re looking to make money from being a better influencer and accomplished copywriter and want a fast-track way to make it happen, this module will give you the basics of how to start making money quickly. You’ll get access to scripts to help you convert conversations with clients into copywriting jobs, how to discuss fees and get paid what you’re worth, how to upsell and cross sell the work you do to generate more income and use invoicing templates to look super professional.

Mentoring Calls:  Get mentored by Australia’s #1 Copywriting Coach - Bernadette Schwerdt: 

Bernadette is without doubt Australia’s #1 Copywriting Coach. She has trained and mentored more copywriters than any other copywriting coach and knows exactly what’s needed to create and launch a successful copywriting business. Her students get more work and get paid higher rates.

This is the component that makes this course truly different from all other copywriting courses on the market. If you really want to fast track your copywriting business, this is the way to do it. These 2 x 45-minute, one-to-one sessions with Bernadette will give you the motivation, the know-how and the steps you need to get started. Bernadette charges 10 times the cost of this course to speak for one hour at a conference so if you want the best advice for a fraction of its true cost, this is the course to do.

Topics for your coaching call can include:

  • Feedback on your work
  • How to get your business started
  • How to charge for your work
  • How to leverage current opportunities in your market
  • How to transition from full time work to your freelance business
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, and procrastination


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