The Learn How to Write Course
The Learn How to Write Course
The Learn How to Write Course

The Learn How to Write Course

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Are you an Influencer wanting to level up your content? Wanting to win more brand collaborations by being more professional. Or wanting to get paid to write?

Then improving your copywriting skills is a no-brainer. 

The Learn How to Write Course has been developed because we know that building confidence in your writing abilities is key to success.

Not sure what copywriting is? That’s understandable. Most people don’t – that’s why it’s called the ‘secret occupation’. Copywriting is the art of writing words that sell, and the people who write the words are copywriters. We’re surrounded by copywriting, but most of the time we just don’t know it. TV commercials, radio commercials, websites, blogs, billboards, social media posts, brochures, packaging, signage – it’s all copy, it all sells something and someone has to write it – why not you?

If you’re tired of working for peanuts to support your creative endeavours, there is simply no better option than to become a professional copywriter. You get to write when you like, where you like, for whom you like, from home, with no overheads, staff or equipment needed. And best of all, you can make an outstanding income from it. This is the career opportunity you’ve been looking for. And yes, this career really does exist and yes, you can get started without any experience. This 5-part course will teach you how.

Who will deliver the course?

The tutor for this course is Bernadette Schwerdt and is delivered by The Australian School of Copywriting. She has trained some of Australia’s most successful freelance copywriters and knows exactly what it takes to become a successful copywriter. She brings to the table over 25 years of freelancing experience, decades working as a copywriter (she doesn’t just teach copywriting, she writes copy too so she knows exactly what traps to watch out for) and is a highly successful online entrepreneur who will show you how to realise your dream of getting paid to write.

Why learn how to become a freelance copywriter?

People love working as a freelance copywriter because there are few, if any, barriers to entry. You don’t have to pay for rent, staff, stock, franchise fees, overheads, or any of the usual costs associated with starting a business. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much experience you have or what you look like, because all clients care about is ‘can you write great copy!’

Best of all, you can get started straight away – all you need is a computer! It’s truly as simple as that. Sure, it’ll require effort and commitment but if you’re getting paid well to write for a living, you won’t even consider it work because it’ll be stimulating, challenging, and filled with variety.

You'll learn how to:

  • Use a unique 7-step process to write great copy for any product, any service, any medium at any time
  • Build your confidence as a copywriter and charge top dollar for the work you create
  • Use tried, tested and proven headline formulas that get instant results
  • Take a Creative Brief, why you should and the disasters that await you if you don’t
  • Use sophisticated research techniques to become an instant expert on any topic and any product
  • Identify the top 10 on- and off-page SEO copywriting factors that determine how a website gets ranked (this technique alone will guarantee clients will pay you double the standard writing rate)
  • Write EDMs (electronic direct mailers), direct mail letters, and brochures using a fast-track writing process that takes your writing from average to outstanding in just 13 minutes flat! (we guarantee it)
  • Write compelling, persuasive long-form content (blogs, articles, FAQs, ebooks) without even typing a word or picking up a pen! If you can’t write, or don’t have time to, but really, really need to, this technique alone will be worth the cost of the course.

How the training works:

This inspirational course has kick-started the careers of some of Australia’s most successful copywriters, many of whom have gone on to have illustrious careers as creative directors, digital copywriters, copywriting ‘guns’ and more. We’ve even trained the copywriters who go on to train other copywriters!

Even if you don’t want to be a full time copywriter, just having the skills to write great copy will give you the freedom to earn great money while you write your big novel, screenplay or blog – and you’ll learn some handy writing tips along the way that will help you in your other work, including how to overcome procrastination, deal with fear, use deadlines effectively, as well as how to write copy to help you promote your own creative work be it a book, a movie or a play.

Featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and on Radio National’s Life Matters, this best-selling course is widely regarded to be one of Australia’s most successful copywriting courses for those seeking practical, real-world training that generates paid work.

Your program consists of:

This program is the most comprehensive on the market and has been strategically designed so that it covers all learning modalities: videos, ebooks, one-to-one personal coaching with a top coach, downloadable templates, printable workbooks, all beautifully designed and ready for you – it’s all here for your learning pleasure.

Module #1Copywriting: An Introduction
Module #2The Ad Pack
Module #3Great Advertising – What Is It And How Is It Created?
Module #4The Creative Brief
Module #5How To Write Headlines That Sell
Module #6How To Write Direct Mail
Module #7How To Come Up With Great Ideas
Module #8How To Write Words That Sell
Module #9How To Write Press And Print Advertisements
Module #10How To Write For TV And Radio
Module #11How To Write Brochures
Module #12How To Write A Newsletter
Module #13Writing For The Web

Plus 6 BONUS webinar videos:

Bonus video #1 - The Master Plan: the 7 steps to writing great copy.

Whether you’re writing for blogs, the web, social media, brochures, direct mail or billboards, this module is the foundation on which all the others rest. Based on extensive research, there are seven essential elements that underpin all great pieces of copy and this module outlines each one in detail.

Bonus video #2 - Copy Formulas That Work: How to write headlines that sell.

If you want to be a copywriter, it’s vital that you master the art of writing headlines. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use existing formulas that professional copywriters use every day? Don’t waste time trying to come up with a creative headline when you can use formulas that work.

Bonus video #3 - The Creative Brief: How to use creative brief, why, and what happens if you don’t.

The Creative Brief is the backbone behind every piece of copy and it’s vital you nail this as it will shape everything you write. For many writers, the concept of working to a Creative Brief is foreign. Shouldn’t we be able to write anything, so long as it’s creative? Well, ah, no.

Bonus video #4 - Web and SEO Copywriting: How to write copy for the web (and how to write SEO copy too!)

For most professional copywriters, writing web copy is the basis of their business and as such, their bread and butter. It’s the basis of almost every job we work on and from this other work gets generated – blogs, brochures, fact sheets, articles, ebooks and more.

Bonus video #5 - Long Copy: The art of writing copy for emailers, direct mail letters, newsletters and brochures.

Based on everything you’ve learnt in the previous four modules, we now take a deep dive into the nitty gritty world of writing emailers, sales letters, brochures – ‘long copy’ that needs to tell a story and have the reader hanging off your every word.

Bonus video #6 - Getting Paid What You’re Worth: How to make money from copywriting

We know this is not really what you did this course for, but if you’re looking to make money from copywriting and want a fast-track way to make it happen, this video will give you the basics of how to start making money quickly.

And if that wasn't enough, you will receive personal one-on-one coaching from the Director of The Australian School of Copywriting, Bernadette Schwerdt.

This is the component that makes this course truly different from all other copywriting courses on the market. If you really want to fast track your copywriting business, this is the way to do it. These 2 x 45-minute, one-to-one sessions with Bernadette will give you the motivation, the know-how and the steps you need to get started. Bernadette charges 10 times the cost of this course to speak for one hour at a conference so if you want the best advice for a fraction of its true cost, this is the course to do.

Topics for your coaching call can include:

  • Feedback on your work
  • How to get your business started
  • How to charge for your work
  • How to leverage current opportunities in your market
  • How to transition from full time work to your freelance business
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, and procrastination

If you are an Influencer and your goal is to be more professional and win more work, then the Learn How to Write Course is for you.